Wednesday, 3 May 2017
Icebergs and Progressive Learning By Executive Director Rev Dr Jenny Byrnes A recent news item tells of an iceberg running aground over this Easter weekend, just off the small town of Ferryland (Canada). The berg rises about 15 storeys high above the waterline, which is only about 10% of its mass. “Most folks can’t wrap their heads around how big it is,” a local commented. I’ve often found the metaphor of icebergs (10% above and 90% below the surface) useful to assist and remind me about much in life and education, conflict and communication, etc, etc. However, this newspaper story…
To celebrate the 40th birthday of the Uniting Church of Australia and Pilgrim Theological College, an Anniversary Scholarship has been established to cover 75% of the University of Divinity fees in 2017. Applications close Friday, 14 July. Further information is available here. If you are interested, download an application form.