CTM Life Synod 2016

The Centre for Theology & Ministry report to the 2016 UCAVT Synod.

Section timing:

Introduction, Jennifer Byrnes   (ßCTM Video)

1:30 Artfull Faith, Christina Rowntree

4:24 Children and Families, Chris Barnett

8:31 Lay Leadership, Rohan Pryor

14:17 Wisdom’s Feast, Jennifer Byrnes

15:43 Young Adults, Adrian Greenwood

19:05 Continuing Education, Sue Withers

24:25 Youth, Drew Hanna

27:34 CTM Resourcing, Merryn Gray

31:49 Living Leadership, Jennifer Byrnes

Section timing:
Introduction and New Testament, Sean Winter
2:02 Registrar’s report, Erlinda Loverseed
4:39 Systematic Theology
6:57 Formation, Christine Sorensen
10:01 Church History, Katharine Massam
12:37 Coursework and Research, Fotini Toso
15:14 Missiology, John Flett
17:39 Field Education, Sue Withers