Here for All

An open, diverse and active community

The Centre for Theology & Ministry (CTM) is a vibrant hub of educational advancement, initiated by the Uniting Church Synod of Victoria and Tasmania to inspire learning, provide resources and facilitate for all who seek discipleship, leadership opportunities and ministry – lay and ordained – within the church and beyond.

The ambitious vision established for the Centre for Theology & Ministry has focused on developing an open, diverse and active community of learning, teaching and creativity.

Now we are in an exciting new phase of extending the encouragement and support that communities of faith (children, youth and adults of all cultural backgrounds) need to fulfill their potential as God’s people.

We provide learning opportunities in the form of:

  • academic subjects leading to theological degrees
  • courses and workshops in continuing education for ministers, and leadership for children and families, youth and young adult ministry
  • theological reflection integrated into the educative process in formation for ministry
  • field education placement and supervision
  • support for the arts in the form of gallery exhibitions and opportunities to express theology and spirituality creatively through artwork, theatre, reading, writing and music.

You are invited to avail yourself of the array of possibilities presented by the Centre for Theology & Ministry for ongoing learning, which is so essential for effective discipleship, ministry and leadership.

Rev Dr Jennifer Byrnes
Executive Director