Mandala making

Mandala making unites groups

Chaplains and retreat leaders are often looking for an art project that will draw people together, form community, and provide a meditative, reflective space.  The rice mandala is a perfect project you might consider for its beauty, tactile quality and symbolism.  The process invites individuals to create in conjunction with others, within a mandala form which represents wholeness.

Rev Judy Redman, chaplain at LaTrobe University Albury campus approached Christina Rowntree for help in presenting a spiritual activity for Orientation Week that students might engage in.

With the Mandala Resource (available soon) she made a circular base cloth and set about dyeing rice.  The activity was so warmly received by students that it was repeated again for Harmony Week.  ABC local radio in Albury took up the story and you can listen to the breakfast program where Judy speaks about the project. 

“We can all work together despite our differences to create something that is beautiful, is harmonious, and that we can live in harmony,” Judy said.

The mandala is a harmonious form reflecting unity in diversity on campus.