Spirituality and the arts

Network welcomes artists exploring issues of faith and life

A lively group of visual artists from all over Victoria have been meeting since the 2011 Babble:on Conference.  We meet for conversation, share arts activities and support each other as artists of faith.

The VicTas Art and Spirituality Network is a group of visual artists from across Victoria committed to exploring and promoting the powerful connection between spirituality and the visual arts.  We welcome visual art practitioners and others who seek to engage with art and spirituality as a means of exploring the great issues of faith and life.

Convened in 2011 under the auspices of the Uniting Church, in the Synod of Victoria and Tasmania, we welcome a broad participation in the group’s activities by people of spirit.  The network provides opportunities to explore and elucidate spiritual insights that derive from our own particular journeys in faith.

We seek to engage with, reflect upon, and celebrate the diverse expressions of art and spirituality.  Members of the network engage in a variety of art forms and media, from drawing and painting to photography, textiles, sculpture and multimedia.  Some of us describe ourselves as “dabblers” while others are professional artists.  These distinctions do not concern us greatly, as we support each other in artistry, creative expression, spiritual development and life.  We have developed the following purpose statement…

The network is a community of artists who will:

Additionally, a progressive collaborative artwork started with ochre brushstrokes was begun and will be added to over time.