What is Artfull Faith?

Proclaiming the arts in the life of the Church

The Centre for Theology & Ministry’s Artfull Faith project proclaims the arts in the life of the Church.  The arts offer diverse expressions of faith, pose questions, provoke responses, and lead us deeper into the mystery of life.

Throughout its long history, the Church has expressed faith through visual, performing and literary arts.  Symbols and sacraments are given shape and form through the materiality of artistic form.  The Bible contains poetry, visionary prose, story and parable.  Artists seek to stimulate and provoke the church to engage the many forms and languages of the arts.  Visual artists, film and multimedia practitioners engage a highly visual culture.  Poets and writers express, through language, the complexities of life.  Musicians, dancers, storytellers and other performers gesture the words beyond words and provoke responses of the heart.

Across the Synod of Victoria and Tasmania, presbyteries, congregations and individuals are participating in the arts and discovering these processes of engagement can lead to strengthened communities, greater optimism and confidence, and provide expression of lament, grief and doubt.

The Artfull Faith project presents events, exhibitions and performances, develops resources and skill development workshops, and supports artists and artist networks.  The Kirk Robson Theology and the Arts Memorial Fund provides some funds for Community Cultural Development projects which encourage theological reflection on arts projects responding to community needs.

Christina Rowntree, Artfull Faith Co-ordinator, has been commissioned to: