The Thriving Ministry Leadership: lessons in leadership from a duck, an echidna and a tree events took place in eight locations around Victoria and were attended by more than 300 people. Presented by Andrew McDonough from Lost Sheep, participants were challenged, inspired and encouraged!


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 Andrew McDonough presentation (recording)


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In addition to being a great experience, the annual 2-day Generate Conference saw the generation of a wealth of material (see below). To be added to a distribution list for further intergenerational resources, please e-mail


Andrew McDonough material*





*=please use this material respectfully in relation to copyright. Go to Lost Sheep for information on Church Membership/purchase of resources.

Selected people from around Australia were initially invited together to discern and shape a way forward with regard to the propagation of intergenerational ministry as a ministry paradigm. 15 people participated in AIR I (held in Victoria) and 10 people participated in AIR II (held in NSW). Each gathering took place over 24 hours. Please see below for the Reports from the respective gatherings…




Not just containing reflections for each day, this FREE 2019 Lenten Resource contains weekly ideas for families and households (that can even be adapted for use in the multi-age worship/small group settings). From Ash Wednesday to Easter Day you will find a fresh thought and invitation for reflection for each day. May your Lenten discipleship be enriched by this resource!

Download: 2019 Lent Resource

This FREE intergenerational resource is for multi-age households, small groups and communities of faith committed to growing up together in worship, witness and service. Written by Cath James and funded by the Centre for Theology and Ministry,Growing Up Together comprises an overview of the place of rites and rituals in the lives of young people and their communities plus liturgical resources for marking these significant occasions. Growing Up Together contains resources for recognising and celebrating, in an intergenerational way,

  • A new sibling
  • Starting school
  • The first job
  • Transition from adolescence to young adulthood
  • Leaving home


Download for FREE via Growing Up Together.

This FREE booklet expands on the original with additional chapters covering Autism, Deafness, Schizophrenia and Transgender. Drawing on the extensive experience of Dr. Vivienne Mountain, this practical resource combines insights from both theology and psychology in a very readable form. Topics succinctly covered now include…

  • Autism
  • Disability
  • Deafness
  • Transgender
  • Schizophrenia
  • Grief and Loss
  • Care for the Carer
  • The Importance of Children
  • Understanding Mental Health Issues
  • Understanding Healthy Development
  • Trauma and Transition Issues for Children
  • The Church Responding to Community Disaster

Download for FREE via Building Emotional Health and Wellbeing.

The 2019 Lent Resource is available from CTM Resourcing. Two additional resources referred to in the resource can be found below…

Risen and Real: Resources for Intergenerational Worship is the result of collaboration between Intergen (formerly the VCCE) and the Centre for Theology and Ministry (CTM). This lectionary-based resource contains a wealth of ideas suitable for use in a typical worship service. Featuring multiple Music Resource suggestions and Bible Focus ideas,…