Children & Families Ministry Update – June 2019

Children & Families Ministry: Core Issues – Jul 11-13, 15-17                PARKVILLE 

Offered in Parkville for the FIRST time, this University of Divinity intensive unit (Jul 11-13, 15-17) is an excellent professional development opportunity for ministers, pastors, chaplains and those employed or deeply engaged in ministry with children and their families. Areas explored include the theological, developmental and methodological resources for contextual children and families ministries across the spectrum of Australian church based, community based and para-church expressions. Addressing the theology, spirituality and sociology of the child in relation to family, church, faith, culture, technology, history and philosophical discourse, the unit develops critical skills for evaluating and designing robust, contextual processes for discipleship, pastoral care, safe practice, mission and leadership with families. For more information e-mail or


Stories of Childhood – Playgroup/Pre-school Ministry Training Day                Saturday June 22             Parkville

The annual Stories of Childhood Playgroup/Pre-school Training Day, is now taking place in Parkville on Saturday June 22, is a great opportunity for any church engaged in ministry with young families. For ministers, pastors, leaders and team members involved in activities such as Playgroup, pre-school music programs and Sunday morning activities, Stories of Childhood will assist you and your church in connecting more deeply with the children and their carers you are called to serve. Excellent electives are on offer across the day, with a particular focus on deepening conversations. Whether you and your leaders already have great listening and conversational skills or not, I’m confident you will leave this day feeling better equipped for missional conversations.

More information and Registration: Stories of Childhood 2019 (flyer available here)


Pentecost Ideas

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Playgroup/Pre-school Resources (thanks, Ruth)

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GOT, Avengers & Faith Formation


Highlighted Opportunities

Jun 6,7                  Whole (a Christian pastoral care conference)

Aug 3                     Generations

Aug 24                  Make it Messy!

Sep 6                     Prayer day for Schools


Jun 11-14             Leaders to Go

Australia’s premier conference for leaders of leaders of ministry with children and their families! Please save the dates and keep an eye out for more info.

Featuring: Facilitated in-put, Workshops, Market place and expo, live-in community, individual retreat, creativity, small groups, worship and reflection, prayer and networking and more!
Venue: The Tops Conference Centre, Stanwell Tops, NSW
Dates: 11-14 June 2019
Times: 2.30pm Tuesday – 1.30pm Friday


Aug 1-3                 IAYSM Australasian Conference (Auckland)

The Australasian Regional conference of the International Association for the Study of Youth Ministry (IASYM)  gathers people involved in children’s, youth and emerging/young adult ministry as teachers, lecturers, researchers or thoughtful practitioners across Asia, Australia and New Zealand. The conference provides an opportunity to engage with the latest scholarship and research related to Christian ministry among young people as well as a forum for building stronger networks.