InterGenerate (AUS) Conference – Resources

Please see below for a number of helpful resources generated in relation to the Intergenerate (AUS) conference. To keep up to date with on-going conversations, resources and ongoing opportunities to explore intergenerational ministry, like the Facebook page Intergenerate Australia.


Intergenerational podcasts


Knowing the Generations with Holly Allen

Intergenerational Ministry with John Roberto

Past, Present and Future with Christina Embree

Leading Intergenerational Communities with Cory Seibel

Passionate about Discipleship with Caesar Kalinowski

Intergenerational Preaching with Dave Csinos

Sharing the Big Things of Life Together with Mary Hawes

Young People and the Prophetic Edge with Beth Barnett

Every. Person. Matters with Brett Ryan

IntergeneRELAtional Ministry with Terry Williams


Intergenerational Process in Church from a Theological Perspective

Intergenerational faith communities – where discipleship happens as a lifestyle with others