Wednesday, 30 Aug 2017
Welcome! THIS PLACE – Art Exhibition Sunday 27 Aug – Friday 6 Oct @ CTM 9.00 am – 5.00 pm Mon – Fri THIS PLACE, the exhibition now showing in the CTM gallery, is a group show by members of the VicTas Art and Spirituality Network.  It engages many aspects of a sense of place, which artist Rachel Peters believes is “created by the physical earth that we are part of and the people we are connected to.”  From the domestic sphere to the global, from the geographic to the metaphoric, we are presented with places physical, social, spiritual and soulful.…
Wednesday, 2 Aug 2017
Winter Clarity By Executive Director Rev Dr Jenny Byrnes The changing seasons of Melbourne always prompt many reflections as we navigate traffic, weather and the daily routines. I have always found the environment and our daily lives a rich source of illustrations, humour and insight for those ‘early words’ in the worship services once known as ‘children’s addresses’! Lately I’ve become aware of the barrenness of many of the treed landscapes with which I engage in my normal routines. Now with the autumn leaves finally shaken from the branches, once hidden vistas open up to scrutiny. Rather than delivering bleakness…