April Artist Network Gathering

Seeking the Spiritual: Ethereal, Ephemeral or Eternal

A person’s belief system and visual coding is highly affected by their period in history, their cultural influence, social class, and personal spiritual journey. No one is exempt from these influencing factors. The divine is often thought of as ethereal, ephemeral or eternal and this is conveyed in the art the person creates.  It has been said that ‘an artist can only create the art they can create’ but perhaps, there is more to be explored. This forum facilitates opportunities for participants to step outside of their life’s usual vantage point – to advantage their art or thinking practice.

Cost:  TBA

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12:30pm – 4:30pm
Saturday, 16 Apr 2016
Chapel on Station Gallery,
cnr Station Street and Ellingworth Parade, Box Hill
Christina Rowntree; 9340 8813; chris.rowntree@ctm.uca.edu.au