Discernment Workshop

Everything you want to know about your life’s purpose…

How are your gifts being used in God’s mission to transform the world? What on earth does God want you to do with your life? How would you even know? And what has the (Uniting) Church go to do with any of that?

…Discernment workshop

Join Rev Dr Jenny Byrnes (Head of College, Pilgrim Theological College) and Rohan Pryor (CTM Lay Leadership Educator) to explore discernment and your life’s purpose on earth – all in just half a day!

Survey the broad terrain of discipleship and ministry in the Uniting Church. Unwrap the gifts and ministries of the whole people of God. Unearth discernment, vocation, and formation. Map the questions that arise.

What is your next step?

9:00am – 12:30pm
Saturday, 4 Feb 2017
The Centre for Theology & Ministry
29 College Cres., Parkville VIC 3052
info@ctm.uca.edu.au; 9340 8815