March Artist Network Gathering

Meditate with an icon, meet an iconographer

Many in the Artists Network are intrigued by the art and practice of iconography.  We may be aware that the prayerful writing of an icon is fundamentally different to the contemporary artist’s process of self-expression, but we’d like to know more.  Perhaps there are ancient spiritual practices that may be incorporated into our contemporary creative work.

What do contemporary Australian Christians make of Byzantine Icons? There is a growing interest across the whole church in this art that is so much a part of the traditions of the Eastern Orthodox Churches. What other traditions are there and how do they relate?  Some in the network travelled to Ballarat early 2014 for the Eikon exhibition which presented predominately Russian icons.

On Saturday 19 March we will gather in the chapel after our usual shared lunch. Rev Dr Peter Blackwood, coordinator of the Uniting Church Icon Schools, will lead worship through meditation on an icon, and then talk about the history of Byzantine icons, their liturgical function and some contemporary expressions of this ancient art form. We will discuss what, in the realm of religious art, is different about these images of Christ and the saints and the stories from Scripture?  How has the icon tradition developed, and how much latitude can be taken by the iconographer to interpret the tradition?  There will be time to ask further questions, about all aspects of iconography, and Peter will outline ways you  might engage with an introductory workshop with the Uniting Church Icon Schools.


12:30pm – 4:30pm
Saturday, 19 Mar 2016
The Centre for Theology & Ministry
29 College Cres., Parkville VIC 3052
Christina Rowntree; 9340 8813;