Open Space Technology

Brendan McKeague will be leading a two day workshop where you will learn new techniques for facilitating meetings and groups. The creative minds, insights and passions of those present in the meeting set the agenda, develop questions and choose what to explore.

Brendan McKeague

Originally from Northern Ireland, Brendan is an associate of the international Pace e Bene Service in Nonviolence, the worldwide Open Space training network and a co-founder of The Conflict Company in Western Australia.

He has extensive experience in facilitation, education and consultation in group dynamics and systems theories. Brendan has developed a way of working with people and organisations that combines his passion for¬†nonviolent peace-building,¬†self-organisation and emergent design. He has collaborated with leaders and teams across many sectors including schools, NGO’s, indigenous communities, churches, government and private organisations.

Brendan adopts a co-learning approach to his work, building on his early career as a high school teacher in the UK and Australia. He has a Master’s degree in education.

9:00am – 5:00pm
Wednesday, 24 Aug 2016 – Thursday, 25 Aug 2016
The Centre for Theology & Ministry
29 College Cres., Parkville VIC 3052
03 9340 8815;