Somers Camp

Somers Camp is a Uniting Church camp run by the Port Philip East Presbytery for children and young people in Years 3 to 9. The camp runs each year in the first week of the winter school holidays from Monday to Friday. We have been running since 1957, and have become one of the largest Uniting Church children and youth camps in Australia.

We exist to fullfil the following purpose: To equip and encourage young people to explore God in their lives.

Our priority is to create an environment where children and youth are comfortable being themselves–a place where they feel like they can put themselves out there without fear of rejection. Through doing this we hope to build a space where they feel comfortable exploring the Christian faith and learning about God’s love for them.

Somers Camp also aims to be an excellent place for developing the future of Youth leadership. From Year 10 we invite youth to come to camp in leadership roles so that we can teach them the skills needed to keep continue this amazing camp. In Year 10 campers return as slushies, learning valuble skills in service as they work in the kitchen all week, preparing the food for camp and cleaning up after each meal. Then from Year 11 we invite them along as trainee leaders and support them in becoming the leaders of the future. It is this legacy that has seen Somers Camp not only survive but continue to prosper for close to 60 years. for more info

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Monday, 27 Jun 2016 – Friday, 1 Jul 2016
Cnr Parklands Avenue & Lord Somers Road, Somers, 3927
Drew Hanna - 03 9340 8808