LL Focus – What makes us distinct?

Enhance your skills for the careful discernment, shared decision-making and ethical leadership that sits at the heart of the Uniting Church by registering for Uniting Church Leadership: What Makes Us Distinct?

Participation in this Synod-eve workshop will enable you to grow in your understanding of the nature and role of our inter-related councils, increase your capacity to effectively utilise consensus processes and reflect on the foundations for ethical leadership.

This Living Leadership focus event is specifically offered for:

Uniting Church Leadership: What makes us distinct? will be led by Rev Dr Jenny Byrnes and Rohan Pryor who are part of the team of the Centre for Theology & Ministry.

Take this opportunity to sharpen your skills as an effective leader in the Uniting Church and register now.

Living Leadership Focus events: addressing key issues around church governance and leadership in an inter-conciliar context, FOCUS offerings are designed especially for those who are part of Uniting Church congregational or regional leadership teams or councils.

Nb. Uniting Church Leadership: What Makes Us Distinct? is a taster experience for the upcoming 21-23 June intensive, Living Leadership Focus: Uniting Church Leadership.
Visit ctm.uca.edu.au for details on Living Leadership events.

4:00pm – 6:30pm
Friday, 3 Jun 2016
Wesley Uniting Church
148 Lonsdale St., Melbourne VIC 3000
9340 8815; info@ctm.uca.edu.au