a specified lay ministry of the Uniting Church
Definition and scope of the Ministry of Pastor Uniting Church Regulation 2.2.2: The Ministry of Pastor is a specified lay ministry of the Church and means a lay person commissioned by a Presbytery, Synod or the Assembly, to minister within a Congregation, community or Church based organisation for the purpose…


Discerning your gifts for service in the ministry of Christ = your life's purpose and vocation
The Uniting Church’s Period of Discernment is about exploring the various ministries of the Uniting Church (“the priesthood of all believers”, both lay and ordained), articulating your own growing sense of call or vocation, and providing some further steps towards discernment by you and the councils of the Church. Discernment…


Information for prospective and recognised Pastors

Information on the ministry of Pastor is available on the Uniting Church Assembly website, including the Core Competencies and General Competencies and rules. The Uniting Church Regulations include many on the ministry of Pastor, and are summarised on a single page.

Core Competencies are those areas determined by the UCA Assembly as essential minimum requirements for an appointment for the ministry of Pastor; every person recognised as a Pastor must demonstrate these competencies. The Assembly has determined that these Core Competencies address two areas: The Basis of Union and UCA ethos, and the UCA Code of Ethics and Ministry Practice. Competencies include knowledge, skills and other abilities. The Assembly provides relevant self-directed learning resources: Orientation to the Basis of Union and Orientation to the Code of Ethics and Ministry Practice, both available from CTM Resourcing. All pastors are required to demonstrate the Core Competencies before or within three months of commencing in their ministry context.

General Competencies are related to the particular role and context; a person in a Pastor role needs to demonstrate the competencies relevant to that role. The General Competencies include:

1. Community Development
2. Education
3. Evangelism
4. Leadership
5. Pastoral Care
6. Organisation & Administration
7. Worship & Preaching

Anyone exercising ministry under the regulations for the specified Ministry of Pastor is required to demonstrate both the Core Competencies and the relevant General Competencies for and within their ministry context.

The Assembly website is not easy to navigate for Pastor resources, and the search function is not very effective, so the following files are listed here for simplicity:

This page is no longer active. For up-to-date lay preacher resources and information, click here


An ongoing life-long process
Formation is an ongoing life-long process, since we are continually formed and re-formed by the communities and other influences that surround us. Self-aware reflective Christian formation is a process of conscious discernment of all those influences, and a conscious decision to engage* (see below) the influences which shape us more fully into the form…


Voluntary ministry of the Church
Lay Preaching is a voluntary ministry of the Church, and Lay Preachers offer their services for the common good of the gospel.  Lay Preachers contribute to their own congregations just as many other members do in various ways, without payment for services or travel. Travel is reimbursed at the “ad…