DIY “Do-it-Yourself” Modules

Educational sessions for small groups that you can run yourself


Looking to understand more about faith and leadership in the Uniting Church?

Have a small group wanting to learn more, but not sure if you are confident to lead?

Any small group can explore a wide range of issues in the life of disciples, leaders and congregations in the Uniting Church. With these small-group educational resources you can do it yourself!

The set of ‘Do-It-Yourself’ (DIY) modules introduce and explore a range of important topics within the Uniting Church, and provide the resources to facilitate an educational session on each topic. Each DIY module is a stand-alone session of 90-120 minutes which you can run yourself – no expertise is assumed, just a small group willing to share in learning together. The Leader’s Guide for each session suggests everything you need to say and do, and handouts are provided for participants. All you need to do is help everyone in the group to participate and contribute.

Every DIY module is available at no cost from CTM Resourcing for immediate download.

Or buy the complete printed set of DIY modules, spiral bound so the handouts can be copied as needed for your small group. 

The complete printed set of DIY modules, piral bound so the handouts can be copied as needed for your small group.

Most of the DIY modules were developed in the mid 1990s and 2000s by Jenny Byrnes and other Uniting Church leaders including Judi Fisher, Pam Kerr, Fran Barber, Anne Amos, and were recently updated by Rob Bos.

The most recent modules (E11-E13) were developed by Rohan Pryor in collaboration with John Clark, Uniting AgeWell staff and others committed to ministry for older people, and people with dementia and their carers. 


Foundations of faith (6 modules)

F1 How to read and understand the Bible
F2 Old Testament perspectives
F3 New Testament perspectives
F4 Major themes in the Bible
F5 A short foray into theology (A)
F6 A short foray into theology (B)

Day-to-day ministry (6 modules)

M1 Theology of lay ministry
M2 Discerning our gifts
M3 Ministry in the workplace
M4 Ministry in the community
M5 Understanding conflict
M6 Becoming a public church

Leadership skills (9 modules)

L1 Basic leadership skills
L2 Communication: a basic leadership skill
L3 Presentation: a basic leadership skill
L4 Encouragement: a basic leadership skill
L5 Leading a discussion
L6 Resolving conflict
L7 Understanding group dynamics
L8 Decision making
L9 Creative chairing

Congregational life (6 modules)

C1 The changing face of the church
C2 The call to faithfulness in these changing times
C3 Being the church today
C4 Resourcing our Ministry and Mission
C5 Understanding the UCA regulations
C6 Creative Diversity

Congregational leadership (12 modules)

E1 The Ministry of the Church Council
E2 The Ministry of Elder within the Congregation
E3 Communication issues for Elders
E4 Grief Care
E5 The Ministry of Elder: Pastoral Visitor
E6 The Ministry of Elder: Crisis care
E7 Leadership of Worship: Intercessory Prayer
E8 Lay Presidency at Baptism
E9 Lay Presidency at Holy Communion
E10 Communion beyond the gathered congregation
E11 Pastoral care with older people
E12 Dementia and Pastoral care

E13 Dementia Friendly Congregations

Latest module: E13 Dementia-friendly Congregations

Congregations and faith communities can welcome, include and nurture people who have dementia and those who share their journey. This module includes information, advice and resources to explore in more depth, a leader’s guide and five handouts for participants.