The Living Leadership program comprises three distinct event types:

Core – providing a foundation for on-going learning, Core covers DiSC, teams & leadership styles; culture, context and conflict; strategic change: and much more.

Core offerings are usually provided in an intensive format (1×5 days or 2×3 days) for individuals and teams.

Plus – building on the foundation provided through the Core content, these specialised opportunities serve to extend, expand and further develop earlier learning experiences. Plus events are open to those who have completed the Core component.

Focus – addressing key issues around church governance and leadership in an inter-conciliar context, Focus offerings are designed especially for those who are part of Uniting Church congregational or regional leadership teams or councils.

Transformational leadership is a challenge for us all
Much has been written and voiced about leadership – perhaps too much! In my research work on leadership done some time ago several key themes were found specifically around transformational leadership; i.e. leadership which takes the organisation and its people to a new place, a transformed identity. The key themes…