Continuing Education Grants

Assistance to develop skills

Wanting some money to help support a peer learning group? Considering doing informal continuing education course to develop your skills? Need some financial assistance to make it possible? Continuing Education Grants are available to assist.

Below are some guidelines to assist you in your grant application:

  1. The Centre for Theology & Ministry will provide up to 80 per cent of the cost for any program of study, to a maximum of $800.
  2. Travel costs will not normally be paid as part of the grant.
  3. Applications need documented support from the Presbytery and will be strengthened if the placement body also offers support.
  4. Continuing Education grants are for non-degree study and the study can be informal in nature.
  5. A condition of the grant is that at the conclusion of the study program a report be made to the Ordained Ministry Co-ordinator detailing an assessment of the course, the educational goals reached and the applicability of the course to the person’s ministry.

Continuing Education Grants need to be submitted on a grant application form and submitted to the Centre for Theology & Ministry grants committee. Details, grant application forms and due dates are available from the Resources section of the website.