Resources to help you plan and support youth ministry

2016 Youth Ministry Calendars and 2017 Flyers

As you can see we were SUPER excited that the 2016 Youth Ministry Adventures Calendar and Flyer arrived.

Thanks to the brilliant creative work of Redfish Bluefish, these resources helped you plan and support youth ministry through the year. There were numerous options for you and your group to gather, learn and grow in ministry and leadership together.

The calendar is designed for you to write your ministry plan on (including your local contact details) and pin it up on a wall in your community gathering space. The flyers are designed for individual and small group conversations to be intentional about growing discipleship and leadership in young people. We have thousands of these so that every young person can have a planning conversation with a mentor or minister.

We delivered these to congregations, ministers and UCA school chaplains. If you need more flyers then let us know and we can send more out.

Download an electronic copy today:
A2-sized Calendar
Choose your Adventure Flyer



If you are already planning feel free to download the PDFs to use until you receive your hard copies.

As always share your plans and activities with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.