Biblical Turning Points

Youth Edition

Biblical Turning Points is an Australian-based ministry in partnership with Scripture Union and The Bible Society Australia. The name is based on the framework behind ‘The Bible: The Big Picture’ course, which breaks down the detailed message of the 66 books of the Bible into major events that participants can easily grasp.

In an age when students are saturated by competing messages in music, cinema and literature, this course is designed for teachers who believe that the message of the Bible is the best story we have to tell.

Our challenge is to tell it well!

This project has been about putting a resource into the hands of teachers and students that will provide a framework for a rich, transformational and engaging Bible overview; one that will change student’s view of the Bible for the rest of their lives.

As a teacher or ministry leader taking on this challenge, be reassured – you are not on your own! Biblical Turning Points wants to support you as you teach this course.

Scripture Union started over a hundred years ago with helping children to read the Bible. It is in our DNA! We were looking for a great tool to help this generation read the Bible, and without doubt, ‘Biblical Turning Points – The Bible: The Big Picture’ is one of the best tools I have come across. The school edition has been written from genuine classroom experience, incorporates innovative teaching process, and will make the Bible’s story come to life for students and teachers.

David Tolputt
State Director Scripture Union Victoria