Personal Growth journal

The Fridge

The Fridge is a fantastic resource for young people and adults. It can be used in different ways, but is essentially a personal growth journal. A part of ‘Growing Apostles’ is ensuring that our young people are fed a holistic diet. Seven soul-food groups have been identified. They are:

God and I: enjoying an intimate relationship with God

Hanging out: cultivating healthy and authentic relationships

Serving others: using gifts and abilities in a life of sacrificial service

Doing church: belonging to and participating in a community of faith

Living life: being sustained, recharged and empowered by the Holy Spirit

On a mission: actively engaging in mission

Who am I: developing a Christ-like character

The journal has seven sections which cover each soul food group. There are things to think about, space for drawing, painting and practical ideas. At the back of the Fridge there is space to map out your journey over five years to ensure that you are maintaining a well-balanced spiritual diet.

This Fridge is a great resource and can be purchased from CTM Resourcing. Purchase here

Using the fridge

The Fridge is a resource that helps people experience God in some fresh ways. It’s an aid to people’s personal spiritual disciplines.

Spiritual disciplines do require discipline. We’ve found people often need follow up and encouragement to keep going with their personal quiet times / disciplines. Buying a book and having it on your shelf doesn’t do a real lot for your spiritual life. Using it just might!

We suggest people read the first section of The Fridge to decide which strategy for using it will work best for them.

From there, they dip into any of the seven Soul Food groups and start having experiences with God. At the end of the day they may decide to pray about the exercise they tried that day or they might journal about it.