A fresh opportunity for young people to spend a year engaged in active learning and reflection about faith, life and leadership.


Identify and foster youth and young adult leaders (aged 15-22) through a year of active learning and reflection on faith, life and leadership.

We, as the Synod of the Victoria and Tasmania, will be transformed individually and corporately through learning and reflecting together.


RADIATE aims to gather 15-22 year olds from different presbyteries, faith communities, schools and agencies, inviting them to:


 RADIATE will build a supportive learning community with monthly e-resourcing, local mentoring, regional networking and four training days.

MONTHLY E-RESOURCING – communication from the Centre for Theology and Ministry that includes learning and reflection activities.

ONLINE COMMUNITY – sharing of experience/s with other RAIDIATE participants through social media networks.

LOCAL MENTORING – a mentoring relationship with an advocate and encourager from their local community, school or agency.

REGIONAL NETWORKING – gatherings and connection with other RADIATE participants and other leaders from the region/Presbytery/Synod. Ideas for regional networking events include breakfast or dinner gatherings, learning excursions e.g. prison chaplaincy, church plant, AgeWell centres, Cultural walks etc., worships experiences, conversations with key UCA leaders e.g. Presbytery Ministers, Moderator etc.

TRAINING DAYS – coordinated by the Centre for Theology and Ministry these gatherings will provide space and time for deeper connection, training, reflection and celebration.


Centre for Theology and Ministry will coordinate and provide educational resourcing, including facilitation of the training days and monthly resourcing communication.

Presbyteries will support, encourage and resource participants in their area, including facilitation of the ‘regional networking’ by appointing at least one ‘Regional Networking Guide’

Local faith community/school/agency will support, encourage and resource participants, including facilitating ‘local mentoring’.

Participants will contribute with openness, share with enthusiasm and bring a positive attitude to the entire experience of RADIATE.




Radiate training HR-01-01


RADIATE is for leaders and potential leaders, aged 15-22, of all cultural groups and presbyteries within the UCA, Synod of Victoria and Tasmania. These young people are people who are having a positive influence to others, whether in the context of their congregation/faith community/school/agency, the wider church, their local community, Australian society or the global village.

Register online today (Registrations currently closed)


$100 per participant will cover the costs of the four training days and monthly resourcing which will be payable upon registration. We strongly suggest that local communities and Presbyteries look into ways to financially support participants.

We aim to have a ‘cost not a barrier’ policy.

Ringwood Training Days Registrations Close
Sunday 28 February 2-6pm Monday 22 February
Sunday 22 May 2-6pm Monday 16 May
Sunday 11 September 2-6pm Monday 5 September
Sunday 20 November 2-6pm Monday 14 November

Each training day is an opportunity for new leaders commence their year long RADIATE journey.


As participants and groups form we will host local training in their region.

More information at info@ucayouth.org.au  03 93408815